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There are no set visiting hours.  However, any visitation should be in the best interest of the resident and not be disturbing to other residents.  We recognize that visitors play an important role in the lives of our residents.  However, visitor conduct is expected to b e appropriate.  The facility reserves the right to request disruptive visitors leave or be escorted out by law officials if necessary to assure the safety and well being of all residents.


If You are Away from the Center


As you leave the center there is a sign-out book.  We request that you please pause and sign out and back in when you return.  This is a voluntary program designed for your safety.  If you expect to be gone overnight, you are requested to notify the manager and obtain any applicable medication to be given during your absence.


Billing Issues


Your rental and service fees will be billed in advance and due on the first day of each month.  Partial month stays are prorated based upon a daily rate.  Also reflected on the monthly statement are any fees to be reimbursed for special purchases or services billed in arrears.  Rent is considered delinquent after the 10th day of each month.


Any suite is considered occupied until any personal item, furniture, etc. is removed to allow occupancy by a new resident.  Should your room be vacated during the month, we will prorate a refund based upon days remaining in the applicable prepaid month.  Any concerns about your statement or payments may be directed to the administrator.


Alterations to the Suite


Personalizing your suite is encouraged.  Feel free to decorate and furnish the suite to your personal taste.  Hanging pictures is encouraged with lightweight nails or easily removable hangers.  Permanent hangers and window treatments must be approved.  Wall covering, paint, or any structural change will be provided as indicated by the center.  Painting, wallpaper, professional cleaning and such are the responsibility and discretion of the center.  Defacing, destruction, or harm to suites, equipment, furniture, etc. beyond normal wear and tear or accidental will be subject to satisfactory settlement.