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Suite Occupancy


Suites are limited to single occupancy due to licensing restrictions in our 16-bed center.  Occasionally couples or siblings become residents at Kemp Meadows centers.  We have provided some communicating suites with an interior passage door, which allows the option of establishing one room as a bedroom and the other as a sitting room.




We realize and value the therapeutic benefits of pets.  At times, we have center pets and encourage pets to visit.  However, individual resident pets retained in rooms are not allowed with the exception of small caged birds and fish provided they are not disruptive to fellow residents and do not pose a health problem.  Cages and aquariums are to be kept clean and odor free by the resident and/or family.


Personal Laundry


We recommend that all personal clothing be marked with a laundry-proof marker or sewn in the label with your name.  You may use our laundry facilities for your personal clothing at no cost.  The center may provide this service for a pre-arranged fee.  A laundry log is maintained in the laundry and charges included on your monthly bill if you elect for the center to perform your laundry needs.  Arrangements may be made for your clothing requiring professional dry cleaning.




Each suite is wired for phone service at the resident’s discretion.  Each resident must arrange for telephone service individually.  The center phone is for business use and must always be available.


Overnight Guests


All overnight stays by non-residents must be approved.  Family visitors are welcome to stay the night if you wish.  Meals are subject to a nominal fee.


Due to state guidelines, extended stays of non-resident guests are not allowed.  The center reserves the right to determine appropriateness and length of non-resident stays.