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Your suite will be cleaned on a weekly basis.  Weekly cleaning consists of dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms.  If you have valuable “breakables” you are asked to please take them off of your furniture tops before housekeeping staff begins to dust.  Special arrangements are made for carpets, walls, etc.  Should you have special concerns, please feel free to contact the manager.




Safe living suites are very important.  To ensure safety and comfort, maintenance may need to enter your room from time to time to make minor repairs.  Should a repair need to be made, every effort will be made to avoid imposing on any resident, but you may be asked to stay out of your room for a short period o f time while equipment or chemicals are being used. 


If you experience any problem with your suite, a maintenance person will be sent at your request to correct the problem.


Personal Attendants and/or Outside Care Providers


Any personal attendants, outside care provider, sitter, companion, etc. are considered a contract worker of the resident.  However, these individuals are required to abide by the rules, regulations, guidelines, policies, and procedures of Kemp Meadows Assisted Living Center and the State of Alabama to assure the continued stay of the resident.  Residents contracting with their own personal companions or attendants are required to coordinate those efforts with the administrator so policies and guidelines may be discussed.  While we recognize the potential significant benefit to the resident of additional assistance, accepted standards of practice and conduct by the attendant are essential and required.  These may include but are not limited to proper dress, personal hygiene, conduct, punctuality, and adherence to facility policies and standards.  If non-staff attendants choose to eat meals in the facility, they are allowed a discounted rate.  Eating is not allowed in rooms unless cleared with the administrator.


Failure to comply with the center’s guidelines may result in recommendation to the resident and/or their representative of termination of the personal attendant or discharge of the resident.