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Home Health


Home health care providers are allowed to provide services in our assisted living centers following order by a physician and are a valuable asset to the resident and their family.  Home health nurses are to communicate with staff at every visit, which includes a short written report so optimal coordination of care may take place.  The center will communicate any noted concerns or signs and symptoms regarding your health to the home health nurse, home health service, and/or the attending physician should they occur between visits.


Attire and Actions


Kemp Meadows Assisted Living Center promotes individuality and self direction.  In order for all residents to enjoy living in the facility the following guidelines are in place for all to follow.


  1. Respect other’s suites.  Residents are not to enter other’s rooms without permission.


  1. Televisions, stereos, etc. are to be turned down after 9:00 p.m. at night.  Headphones are suggested if the volume has to be higher than is tolerated by neighbors.


  1. Good grooming is important.  Residents are expected to dress in clean clothing daily and practice good personal hygiene.


  1. Appropriate  nightwear and robes may be worn to the breakfast meal.  Otherwise, accepted attire is to be worn outside your room.


  1. Common areas are for all.  Seating is open in common areas.  Areas may only be reserved for very special events and must be prearranged with the administrator.


  1. Use of profanity in common areas is considered inappropriate.


  1. Practicing common courtesy is beneficial for all.  If you are having a problem with another resident, seek staff assistance.



Smoking Policy


Kemp Meadows Assisted Living Center is smoke free.  Smoking is permitted only outside.  It is expected that any smoker should discard cigarette butts appropriately and not simply drop on porch or ground.