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Fire Prevention, Preparation, and Safety


Kemp Meadows Assisted Living Centers are equipped with an approved and regularly tested sprinkler system designed to extinguish a fire and to allow safe exit of the building.  A fire alarm system is in place that signals when a smoke detector or sprinkler system is activated with both a loud audible siren and flashing alarm light.  If the alarm system is activated the fire department is automatically called.  In addition, fire extinguishers are placed throughout the building.  During the alarm activation, smoke doors at each hall will automatically close so that in the event of fire, it is confined.  All equipment is inspected regularly.


Please do not store flammable or combustible materials in your suite.  Fire inspections are conducted on an annual basis.  Additionally, upon moving into the center, staff will provide orientation to all exits and methods of leaving the building.  Fire drills are held routinely.  The practice of exiting the center and proper response to the drill could be lifesaving in the unlikely event of a real fire.  Always follow the fire response instructions posted in the hallways and explained when you move into the center.


All doors have panic hardware.  That is, exits do not prevent anyone from exiting at any time.  However, we do secure the doors at night to prevent unauthorized entry from outside.




Any injury you may sustain, regardless of reason or degree, should be reported immediately to the administrator or attendant on duty.  Minor first aide may be indicated but the decision to seek further medical attention may also be required.  An incident report is completed on injuries to assure your needs are met.


Disaster Plan


Evacuation routes are posted for general direction to exits in case of fire.  The most typical disaster risk in our area is the threat of tornado.  The attendant on duty will monitor local television and/or radio programs and telephone to assess the likelihood of a tornado striking.  Our primary means of protection remains to congregate in the central end of each of the west and east corridors with resident room doors closed.  The attendant on duty will assist residents in an organized fashion to the appropriate area.


Surveillance Cameras


In an effort to enhance safety, cameras are placed in four locations viewing outside exits and entrances.  No cameras are placed in rooms or private areas.