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Firearms or weapons are forbidden on the entire center property.

Electrical Safety


No extension cords are allowed in suites or the center for continuous use.  Should you have need for longer permanent electrical cords or access to outlets, please notify the administrator of any needs in this area.  No space heaters are allowed.  Please report any frayed cords or exposed wires that you may detect.



Should any equipment, appliance, furnishing, heating or cooling system fail, always report it immediately to the administrator so maintenance may be arranged.  Please do not attempt repairs.



Your safety and security are very important to everyone at Kemp Meadows Assisted Living Center.  Staff regularly monitors the entire grounds to ensure your protection.  Please follow these simple suggestions:


  1. Do not encourage visitors to use side doors.  Use the main entrance.  East and West exits are equipped with an alarm that will sound if opened.  In general, any visitor should enter by way of front door.  Should someone request that you let them in through a locked secured door, please direct them to come to the front door.


  1. Keep your door locked when away from your room.


  1. All exits are secured at night.


  1. Use your call system for any emergency.


  1. Should an outside repair person need to enter your suite, staff will accompany him/her to your room.


  1. Ask for an escort when leaving the building during late hours.

To Request Emergency Assistance


Each suite is equipped with an emergency call system, which rings a buzzer at a central location and lights a light over your suite door.  You have a pull station in your room at the bed and in your bathroom.  The line that you pull should always be free of any entanglement and extended the full length of the line.  Please use the call system only in an emergency or during temporary sickness or when requiring assistance to transfer.