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Medication Safety


Residents may obtain their medication by two means:  self-administered or facility assisted.


Self Administered Medication


Any resident electing and capable of self-administration of medication is required to have a written evidence of approval by their attending physician (“Authorization for Self Administered Medication”).  Any prescription medication must be provided to the facility to be maintained in the resident’s record and updated as indicated.  The “Physician Visit” form is generally used to maintain this listing.  A quarterly update of the physician’s self-administration authorization is required to assure safe medication administration.


The center cannot accept any responsibility for residents or families who choose to self-administer and/or keep medication, either prescription or non-prescription medication, in their possession.  If self-administration of medication proves to be detrimental to the resident, the facility reserves the right to require that the resident comply with assistance in medication administration as a condition of continued stay.


Facility Assisted Medication Administration


Medications will be centrally stored and monitored by the center staff.  We use the “medicine on time” system of medication management for enhanced safety in distributing medication.  All medication is ordered and secured by the administrator under the order of your physician.  The dosage and frequency of medication is also subject to specific orders from the physician.  The center cannot be responsible for medication that is not prescribed in which the resident has free access.


Billing for medication is a function of the outside company providing the service.  Please communicate any questions or problems to the administrator and we will work with you in achieving a satisfactory solution.


The center will maintain an up-to-date listing of your medication, dosage, and frequency.  A written copy is maintained in your room to assist in assuring your awareness of your medication and changes as they occur.


Any prescriptions received by family members, residents, friends, etc. must be given to the administrator.  We suggest that over the counter medication be maintained in our secure medication room as well.