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Oxygen Therapy


Residents using oxygen must maintain equipment or make provisions for the maintenance of equipment in a safe and sanitary manner.  Non-portable tanks are discouraged, only acceptable on a temporary basis, and must be secured on a suitable pedestal to prevent falling.  Small portable oxygen tanks are permissible and are required for back up when oxygen concentrators are used.  Precautionary signs must be posted.  The resident or family must assure an adequate supply of oxygen is available.  Maintenance and upkeep of oxygen equipment is the responsibility of the resident and/or the agency providing the oxygen service.


Physician Care


All residents are required to have an attending physician.  Physician evaluations are required annually on all residents.  On any visit to a physician, residents are provided a “physician visit” form by the center that is to be completed by the physician or his designate to document any medication changes or health related care needs.




A room key is issued upon moving into the center.  If you are locked out of your suite, contact the administrator or staff and arrangements will be made to unlock the door and assure you have a key.


Lost and Found


The lost and found is located in the administrator’s office.  Should an item be found or missing, please notify a staff member as soon as possible.


Theft and Loss Policy


The center’s insurance does not cover resident personal property.  We suggest that you obtain renters insurance should you feel the value of your possessions indicate the need.  All belongings having a value of $25 or more will be inventoried upon moving into the center.  A copy of the inventory will be retained and a copy given to each resident and responsible person.  Residents are asked to update the inventory when items are removed or brought into the facility.


We discourage keeping large amounts of money or expensive jewelry or personal property.  We can assist as needed in obtaining a safety deposit box at the local bank of your choice.