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Any suspected theft or loss should be immediately reported to the administrator.  Staff will make an immediate search for the item(s).  Sponsors, appropriate family members, police or other law enforcement authorities will be notified for a significant theft or loss.


The administrator will conduct an investigation of the theft or loss and present the resident and responsible person with a report.



Outgoing mail may be dropped in the administrator’s office.  Mail is placed in the mailbox for pick up at a posted time each day.  The staff will generally deliver your mail to your room.  For your convenience, we maintain a supply of stamps that may be purchased.



Should you have any concern about the quality of the service you are receiving or your accommodations, please speak to the administrator.  Should you not feel there is appropriate resolution of the problem, you may contact Cherri Harris at 487-4409.  Additional family conferences can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time to discuss any concerns you or your family may have.

Resident Meetings


Resident meetings are held monthly and posted in advance.  Meetings begin with a period of announcements followed by an agenda that addresses activities and other topics related to living at the center.  A solid cooperative effort is confirmed at these meetings where staff and residents work together for outstanding quality of life for all.

Dietary Services


Meals are served in the dining room at the following times:


Breakfast:  7:00 a.m.  Light breakfast provided for late sleepers.


Lunch:      12:00 p.m.


Dinner:       5:00 p.m.


Our staff is available to assist you with any need you may have in the dining room.  Please keep our cook aware of any special needs, such as having your meats precut in the kitchen before being served.  We are happy to serve any physician prescribed special diets within the scope of assisted living service.  Please submit the physician order to the administrator or cook.  Meals are preplanned and posted in advance.