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Hungry between meals?  No problem.  There is always a selection of healthful snacks available.  Please stop by the kitchen and request snacks from the cook as desired.  Should you be unable to come to the kitchen, arrangements can be made with your resident attendant.  If you are on a special diet or calorie restriction, please check with the cook, attendant, or administrator to help with selections.


Food in rooms is discouraged due to attraction of pests, hygiene, and probable staining of linens/flooring.  If used, airtight containers must be used to contain food.


Food Allergies


Please report immediately upon admission any food allergies you may have so that we can adequately prepare meals without fear of harm.


Attendance at Meal Time


The cook will be noting that all residents in the building are present at each meal.  Should you be out for a meal, or simply not desire to come to the dining room, please notify your attendant.  Simply let staff know you will not be present for a particular meal and staff will not be concerned.  Otherwise, you will find that the staff will stop by your room to ensure all is well.


Seating in the Dining Area


Generally, we have found that residents prefer to sit in the same chair at meals.  However, if residents honor the preference of fellow residents sitting in their “favorite spot”, you are free to sit where you like in the dining room.  For those residents using mobility aids, such as walkers, canes, etc. please keep them close to your seat or the walls so other residents do not trip or fall.  Our staff will be happy to provide any assistance necessary in the dining room.


Attire in the Dining Room


So that all residents are comfortable and enjoy meal times, casual attire is permitted in the dining room.  Appropriate nightwear, robes, or sleeping attire may be worn at breakfast only.